RYA Training Centre

We are pleased to announce that St Ives Sailing Club will be the new home for the St Ives Sailing School

Would you like to join the Sailing Club but don’t know how to sail? Do you live locally? From this summer, we have an RYA training centre based at St. Ives Sailing Club, aimed at teaching locals how to sail.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, an improver, or someone returning to sailing, we can teach you through the RYA training levels until you’re confident to come racing with us in the Bay, or go dinghy cruising for leisure and relaxation.

Come and talk to us in the dinghy pen - we are located in the car park behind the Sloop, and open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

“When you sail for the first time, you have one of two experiences. It becomes a one-time, bucket-list thing you check off your list, or it becomes a part of your soul forever.”—Michelle Segrest

Here are the courses that we teach.

  • Taster Sessions

  • Refresher Sessions

  • Day Sailing

  • Level 1 - Start Sailing

  • Level 2 - Basic Skills

  • Level 3 - Better Sailing

  • Sailing with Spinnakers

  • Seamanship skills