Supporting St Ives Sailing Club

50-50 Club

Fundraising with a difference – YOU might get the money!

The club has a 50 -50 Club but we need your support. A 50-50 Club raises money by asking everyone who wishes to join to guarantee to buy a ticket every month for at least a year.

Every month the Club Committee has a prize draw between everyone who has joined the 50-50 Club. The Club then gives out prizes totalling 50% of the money collected that month. Prizes will equate to 25%, and 5 x 5% of the month’s income (Total 50%)

It costs just £5 per month to join the 50-50 Club.

For example if we sell 100 tickets, prizes will be £125, and 5 x £25 EVERY MONTH!! That’s the same as getting over 2 years of payments back if you win the top prize, and you could win every month. With odds of 6 in 100 that’s what we call worthwhile! Prizes will be paid by bank transfer or by cheque every month.

There is no limit to the number of members who can join the 50-50 Club. Members do not need to be members of St Ives Sailing Club. However we do need all our own members to assist us by selling tickets to friends, neighbours, colleagues and so on.

What we don’t really want to do is to spend hours every month trying to collect the cash from members. We would prefer members to pay by standing order from their Bank Account directly into ours. You can set up this payment by telephone, on line or by calling in to your Bank. (Of course we are happy to take cash or cheques, in advance of the draw date) Before you can submit this form you will need to know your membership number and Club Bank Account details, obtainable from Martin Rawling by returning an application form.

We will display the results of the monthly draw on the SISC website.

We need you to persuade anyone and everyone to join this magnificent competition safe in the knowledge that by doing so you are in with a chance of winning substantial prizes and supporting the Club at the same time.

Please complete the application form below for each application. Members can buy as many chances as they wish!

Thank you.

Join by downloading the form at the bottom of the page.