Club Boats

A Pico sailing dingy with two crew returning to St Ives Harbour.

One of our club Picos with its generous donor aboard being taken for a sail by club member John Palser.

If you wish to use a club boat, please first check below for availability. Then text your request to Rob Lawrence, who will respond as soon as possible, and will update the online availability form on your behalf.

Boats are booked on a first come first served basis, so reserve your boat early. To be fair to all members, it is only allowed for any individual member to book one boat / session in advance. Boats may be re-booked immediately after each session.

In case of conflict, priority for the use of club boats is as follows:

  • Group Training
  • Existing Full Club Members
  • PAYG Local Club Members
  • Existing Out Of County Club Members
  • Temporary and Prospective Club Member

If you live locally and want to experience sailing for the first time, we usually have members who are willing to take prospective members out for a trial sail in the Club Laser Bahia (up to 4 persons). Please contact a committee member, giving as much notice as possible. We will do our best to get you crewing and helming as soon as weather allows.

Out of County members are required to demonstrate that they are 'confident competent' before booking a club boat, either by RYA qualification, or by demonstration.

We also welcome groups who would like to try sailing.


Proposed booking systems for club boats below.

Give me a call to discuss.



To book a boat, check availability on the calendar below.

Then text your request to Rob Lawrence, on 07831 239890, preferably at least one day in advance to allow me time to respond!

Confirmation will be texted back to you, and the calendar will be updated on your behalf.

New members may be required to complete a membership form online before booking can be accepted.

All first time club boat sailors: please arrive at the pen at least 1-1/2 hours before race start time, so that club members have time to assist you with induction and rigging your boat. Be warned, if you don't show up within 1 hour of start time, the boat may be offered to someone else...

Normal Meeting Times (may vary - join our WhatsApp group for updates)

  • Saturday - please be at pen by 12.30 (for 2.00 race start)
  • Wednesday - please be at pen by 5.30 (for 7.00 race start)

If you need to cancel your reservation, please text as early as possible so that the list can be updated and boats can be made available to others.

Option 1

Club Boat Bookings

Option 2

Club Boat Bookings are shown on the calendar below.*

(*N.B. Demo Only - dates for illustration only.)