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St. Ives Sailing Club Report 19th July 2017

By Wednesday the wind had eased down to a pleasant force 2-3, ideal for Mike Cook to train Sharon Humphreys in the club Pico. Richard Sadler (Pier Head) with the aid of safety boat crew Dave Peters and John Wilson laid a Course L. Jonathan Thomas had a good lead until he forgot the course layout which cost him a lot of time. There was close sailing between John Palser (Laser) and Matt Harvey and Barrie Dain (Stratos). Good sailing by Dave King and Yasmin (Magno) who came 1st by beating John Palser by 3 seconds on handicap. Steve Clark had an enjoyable sail.

Results: 1st Dave King, 2nd John Palser, 3rd Matt Harvey.

The unpredictable forecast for Saturday turned out to be excellent for the more experienced sailors. John Palser, Marisa Bebbington and Edward Jenkyn (Pier Head) had a Port B course set. Though Mike Cook had a good start and continued to increase his lead on his competitors, at the start of lap 3 his mast broke and he had to be towed to shore by safety boat crew Dave Peters and Paul Gumbleton.

Race 1 Results:  1st Mark Paxton (Stratos), 2nd Chris Web (Pico), DNF Mike Cook (Laser Radial)

During race 2 Barbara had to be retrieved after being lost over the side on a downwind leg of the course. Matt and Rosie Harvey (Pico) sailed extremely well taking 1st place. Alan Peck also sailed well helming a Stratos for the first time.

Race 2 Results: 1st Matt and Rosie, 2nd Helm and Barbara, 3rd Alan, Mark and Andy.

Thanks goes to our weekly tractor driver Paul Tarplee.


St. Ives Sailing Club Report 5th July 2017

On Wednesday evening patience was the order of the day. The sea swell with the very light northerly breeze made slow going for all racing. Mike Cook (Laser Radial) took the lead from the start and held it for 2 laps. Chris Web and Tim Holmes (Picos) had close racing at the start with Chris finally pulling away. The RS 700 tried using her spinnaker with no success. Barrie Dain and Barbara Harris struggled with the conditions sailing their Stratos.

Thanks to Pier Head crew Richard Sadler and Paul Coster, and Safety Boat crew Dave Peters and Tim Lukes who towed several dinghies back to shore, and a special thanks to Paul Tarplee and John Wilson who brought the tractor back to life in time for the evening racing. Mike would like to thank Ryan (Dave Peters’ grandson) for a most welcome tow.

Results: 1st Mike Cook, 2nd Chris Webb, 3rd Sailing Sec.

Saturday was yet another day with a very light breeze. While testing for those who were racing, conditions were excellent for Mike Cook training Sharon Humpreys in the club Magno. Tim Lukes and Jackie Cutler oversaw things from the Pier Head while Dave Peters and Paul Gumbleton covered the course on the Safety Boat.

Race 1 results: 1st Steve Venables (Pico), 2nd Chris Webb (Pico), 3rd Mark Paxton & Andy Roberts (Stratos).

Race 2 was abandoned after only 2 laps were completed by some sailors, due to lack of wind.

Race 2 Results: 1st Andy Roberts & Mark Paxton, 2nd Chris Webb, DNF Steve Venables, DNF Pico.


St. Ives Sailing Club Report 20th June 2017

It was a sailing club ‘Fun Sail’ on Wednesday with 9 dinghies with crews in the bay during a very pleasant evening. Among the sailors were new member Andy Peat, Steph Eddy home from Bristol, and Jonathan Thomas back in St. Ives from Wales.

A ‘Fun race’ was controlled from the safety boat with crew John Wilson, Paul Tarplee and Dan Workman, who tried to keep the scores while ensuring everybody’s safety on the water. The score sheet has been left for the Sailing Secretary to work out on his return to the pen!

On Saturday, 4 people joined the sailing club. Alan Peck crewed for Andy Roberts (Stratos), Sam Potter had a sample of sailing with Mark Paxton (Magno). Denise Potter and Sharon Humphreys sailed with Simon Ashmore.

There was only one race due to swimming races in the harbour.

Race 1. Out of County member Alex Whitehouse (Laser) had close sailing with Andy Roberts and Alan Peck at the start with Alex slowly pulling away taking the lead and first place. Steve Venables, who had just received his Level 1 Dinghy sailing certificate, sailed extremely well singlehanded in a club Pico for the first time, coming 3rd.

Mike Cook and Edward Jenkyn (Pier Head) thanked Safety Boat crew, Dave Eddy and Paul Gumbleton together with ground crew Paul Tarplee and John Wilson for a successful afternoon.

Results: 1st Alex Whitehouse, 2nd Andy Roberts & Alan Peck, 3rd Steve Venables.

St. Ives Sailing Club Report 14th June 2017

Wednesday evening was prefect for sailing. Mike Cook (Pier Head) set a Port D course. Jon Keast and Tim Lukes had a great start taking advantage of the spinnaker of their RS 400. John Palser (Laser) kept up well but not enough to beat the RS 400. Dave Peters and Daniel Rouncefield (Safety Boat) went to assist Rhiain Collings (Pico) when the rudder came free. Paul Coster sailed the club Magno single handed.

Results: 1st Jon Keast & Tim Lukes, 2nd John Palser, 3rd Dan Morrell.

Saturday turned out excellent for sailors taking their families out in Stratos dinghies. Matt Harvey with his family, Barrie Dain with daughter Isabel, and a host of others including Gareth, Jackie and first timer Charlotte, some swapping boats being helmed by Simon Ashmore and Andy Roberts. Mark Paxton was teaching Miles and his dad Jonathan capsize drill on the club Magno.

All this was taking place during racing. John Palser (Pier Head) and Safety Boat crew, Dave Eddy and Dan Workman, set a Starboard B course for both races. Mike Newton was sailing a dinghy for the first time.

Results Race 1: 1st Jon Keast & Tim Lukes, 2nd Mike Cook, 3rd Chris Webb.

Results Race 2: 1st Jon Keast & Tim Lukes, 2nd Mike Cook, 3rd Chris Webb.

The afternoon was completed by a very enjoyable BBQ.     

St Ives Sailing Club Report 31st May 2017

Wednesday evening was near perfect for sailing. Force 2-3 and a flat sea. Richard Sadler with the aid of Safety Boat crew Dave Peter and Paul Gumbleton laid a Port B course. Jon Keast and Tim Lukes (RS 400) took the lead and held it to the finish line. Dean Silcock did well sailing with the small sail of the club Pico.

Results: 1st Jon Keast, 2nd Mike Cook, 3rd Dean Silcock.

Each Saturday for the past few weeks has brought winds of force 4-5.

Last Saturday (3rd June) was no different. Members sailing the Club Magno required the assistance of Safety Boat crew Dave Peters and Barrie Dain before sailing clear of the harbour. Mike Cook (Pier Head) set a Port B course for both races.

Race 1: The sailing secretary with crew Barbara Harris (Pico) took advantage of the rest of the fleet who appeared to be heading for a wrong mark which cost them time. Johan Allert (Laser) sailed well but misunderstood the finish line and lost a lot of time before

Results: 1st Sailing Sec., 2nd Mark Paxton, 3rd Johan Allert.

Race 2: Barbara Harris took the Pico helm and had a good race. Johan had a strong lead and once again sailed well but decided to retire before the end of the race. Andy Roberts (Stratos) moved into 1 st Place and held it to the finish.

Results: 1st Andy Roberts, 2nd Barbara Harris, DNF Johan Allert.