Download the 2019 late season Rota at the bottom of the page.

***  Some duties are currently unfilled.  If you would like to volunteer for any of those that you feel competent to perform, please contact the sailing secretary.  Thank you  ***

Every member of SISC involved with sailing (Shoreline and Sailing) is required to assist with delivering the duties, without which racing may not take place.
Except where otherwise shown there will be four duties to be fulfilled on each race day:

1.    Race Officer in the lighthouse on Smeaton’s Pier 
2.    Assistant Race Officer 
in the lighthouse on Smeaton’s Pier
3.    Safety Boat Helm
4.    Safety Boat Crew

It is the responsibility of every member identified in the attached schedule to fulfil their designated duties or arrange, in advance of that particular race day, for an alternative, suitably qualified member to take her or his duty and to advise the sailing secretary or assistant sailing secretary. It is not up to the sailing secretary to find a replacement for you!
Average points will be accorded to each member completing duties in accordance with the SISC Sailing Instructions.
It is especially important that when Shoreline members are designated for duty, sailors who wish not to sail on that day do not automatically expect the Shoreline member to retire in order to allow that sailor to accrue average points.
The Duty Rota will be published here and members will be advised by email.

Duties have been distributed as equitably as possible and in accordance with the availability information supplied.  Your club is grateful t
o you for accepting these duties; they are an integral part of the smooth running of our sailing club, and your time and dedication are appreciated.
Jon Keast
Sailing Club,
Aug 1, 2019, 2:21 PM
Sailing Club,
Aug 1, 2019, 2:20 PM