We have a small committee that runs the club but everyone is expected to chip in and support the club when needed.  If you have the time or enthusiasm then these are the only qualifications to joining the committee and we always need new committee members to help keep us running.  If you have expertise in any other area so much the better.  Just get in touch with any committee member to find out more.

(Head honcho)

Vice Commodore

Sailing Secretary
(Racing 'n that)

Assistant Sailing Secretary
(Does the work for the Sailing Secretary)

(Reading & Writing)

Membership Secretary
(Tells you that you owe money)

(Counts the money)

(Mends everything)

(Help mend everything)
Tim Lukes

Paul Gumbleton

David Peters
Paul Tarplee
John Wilson
Andy Mansell
Alan Peck
Rob Lawrence